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UFO hoax is revealed!

Kudos to Joe Rudy and Chris Russo who pulled off the whole thing!

As someone who cringes at the pseudoscience pedalled by hucksters and believed by the average person (who’s proud to be scientifically illiterate), it’s good to see such exposés as often as possible.

The UFO was five 3-ft balloons with flares attached by fishing line, so this is perfect:

The icing on the cake came when the popular History Channel show UFO Hunters featured the Morristown UFO as their main story one week. Bill Birnes, the lead investigator of the show and the publisher of UFO Magazine, declared definitively that the Morristown UFO could not have been flares or Chinese lanterns.

Gee, what evidence did you use, Mr. Birnes, to deduce the lights were not flares.  You, sir, are a disgrace to our gene pool.  UFO Magazine….indeed.