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Solution to CardMinder data fields, with the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 scanner

I absolutely love the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 duplex scanner. I don’t want to do a review here of either the scanner or much of the software that comes with the scanner, but I need to post the solution to a vexing problem with the CardMinder software used to OCR business cards and then save and sync the data.

The CardMinder software does a pretty good job with the OCR, but it only gets 4 data fields: Full Name, Company, Phone Number, and E-mail [Address]. But what about the other data on the card? such as the Address, or the Job Title, or the Website? There’s a “ribbon” bar that’s supposed to help you add such fields after using your cursor to box the desired text data, but an error message pops up and disappears so fast that it’s impossible to know why it isn’t working. The user manual isn’t helpful, and neither is the support website. A web search merely pulls up lots of people pointing out this limitation/bug.

But, when in doubt, read the Help file. Sure enough, in the Troubleshooting section there’s an answer, and after you check the appropriate boxes, the data fields will be visible (and filled with OCR’d text if present and sensed properly). The answer:

Items for recognition are not shown

Items for recognition are not shown.
Items to Check / Resolution
In the [CardMinder Options (Itemized Records)] dialog box, select the items to be recognized or exported.
Follow the procedure below:

  1. Click in the CardMinder window.
    The Application Menu appears.
  2. Click the [Options] button.
    The [CardMinder Options] dialog box appears.
  3. Click [Itemized Records].
    The contents of the [Itemized Records] are shown in the [CardMinder Options] dialog box.
  4. Select items.
    The check boxes for selected items are shown as .
    The check boxes for cleared items are shown as .
  5. Click the [OK] button.
    Checked items are set to be exported to another application.
See also
  • Changing the Items to Export to Another Application

UFO hoax is revealed!

Kudos to Joe Rudy and Chris Russo who pulled off the whole thing!

As someone who cringes at the pseudoscience pedalled by hucksters and believed by the average person (who’s proud to be scientifically illiterate), it’s good to see such exposés as often as possible.

The UFO was five 3-ft balloons with flares attached by fishing line, so this is perfect:

The icing on the cake came when the popular History Channel show UFO Hunters featured the Morristown UFO as their main story one week. Bill Birnes, the lead investigator of the show and the publisher of UFO Magazine, declared definitively that the Morristown UFO could not have been flares or Chinese lanterns.

Gee, what evidence did you use, Mr. Birnes, to deduce the lights were not flares.  You, sir, are a disgrace to our gene pool.  UFO Magazine….indeed.

Solar Roadways to the economic rescue!

From Solar Roadways:

I especially like the cost calculations (The Numbers) and the list of benefits (Benefits).

Of course, my lingering question about ANY large-area solar implementation is do we know what will happen when the sun’s energy is collected for electricity INSTEAD of letting it heat the ground, i.e., will the climate cool slightly or will the effect be negligible?

Twitter now affects the courts!

Tweets from jury deliberation room give losing side some straws to grasp at: Courts will have to crack down on that I think, but such tweets don’t really show bias at all.

Here’s a great use of Twitter in the court room: A good reporter can make you feel as if you’re right there amidst the action….or boredom. :-)

Great text-to-image plugin

Thank you, Milan, who wrote a great WordPress plugin which easily converts a text string to a tiny image (which helps prevent spam-bots from scraping email addresses and phone numbers and from auto-logging into sites to create spam comments for seo). I use it on my Contact page.

 And I did that by typing 5 characters before the sentence and 6 after. Very simple. (Actually, the site’s style sheets will control the exact placement of the image, so in my case I had to float it left (the default style here is right float.)) Here’s the link to the plugin: